Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Things We Don't Want To See- Your thoughts?

I just had to photograph this sign. I never like photographs of signs but, IT says, Together we fight rape
What do others think of this sign? I met a girl yesterday who has had 5 surgeries for vaginal fistula. She is doing well. The torture done to some of these women after the rape substantiates that rape is about violence not sex.


Craig Volpe said...

Sherrlyn, I'm glad to see the photo essay is working out and especially that you're alive and well.
I don't totally understand the sign. Is this a German aid group that is helping rape victims. And why is there a drawing of someone about to be raped? If they are educating people about rape that is good but they should have a phone number or instructions on where to get help.
I never thought about rape being about violence and not sex but that makes sense.
Keep up the work Sherrlyn.

PS Who's taking care of your dog while you're gone?

Sherrlyn Borkgren said...

Hi all, it's so hard to get an internet connection so glad to see some of you on here. OH yes Elliot is with Lisa and Sophie. Mike and Rhonda are going by to take him for walks on workdays!
Thanks for your note. For some reason I can get on blog and on skype rarely google or yahoo.
Hugs to all Sherrlyn Borkgren

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