Saturday, October 31, 2009

Barefoot Wedding in the Caribbean


Saying "I do" in an elegant barefoot wedding for Jennifer & Jason was a dream come true! It all went so perfect although the sun disappeared quickly wonderful friends and family made for a great background to their beach wedding.
It took me 3 lights to get this picture just right but well worth the effort!


Caribbean Wedding the Way to the Altar






A beautiful Caribbean Wedding begins with the sweetest flower girls carrying petals in Conch shells. The shells will be used again by future brides(another way to practice Green Wedding ethics!) Next come the bridesmaids. More of Jennifer's Caribbean Wedding tomorrow and how to make green weddings work.
God bless everyone until another day.If you are planning a destination wedding and need some advice feel free to contact me for advice! Destination Weddings are not much difference in price than weddings at home and I'll tell you why.

More Wedding Pictures

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Why a Wedding in San Miguel de Allende? Here's 6 Good Reasons

San Migule de Alende
Photography Sherrlyn Borkgren
Why should you consider a wedding in San Migule de Allende? Here are a few good reasons to go to San Miguele de Allende:
Best airfare prices ever this winter!
No reason to get stuck at a mechanical resort when you can dive into the culture of Mexico and add some uniqueness and color to your wedding day. Here's some reasons:
1. San Miguel de Allende's colonial architecture
2. Cobblestone Streets and the evening music in the square
3. Mexican food --- like "real" Mexican chocolate or atol served on street corners!
4. Bargain shopping on arts such as beautiful weavings, ceramics, masks, and paintings
5. Perfect year round weather (even golf at the Malaquin)
6. I am offering great wedding photography deals throughout Mexico,Guatemala,Belize and Costa Rica. I limit how many weddings I shoot so give me a hoot.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mexico's Best Destination Wedding Spots

Alex's gorgeous eye make-up by Christian Dior artist, Darlene Hull. Alex is fun, romantic,spontaneous and daring. When it is time to play up to the camera Alex melts into the mood.

It's getting cold out there and the sizzling sands of Mexico are all so inviting. Here are some best destination wedding sites as agreed upon by www.destinationweddings and I.( a great site to visit if you are considering a destination wedding.

(I've added a few of my favs wedding destinations too) of the best places in Mexico to say "I do"

*Sayulito,Mexico(near Puerto Vallarta) * Maroma Beach, Playa del Carmen
* Chacala Beach near Puerto Vallarta * Bahias de Huatulco, Oaxaca
* Playa del Amor, Cabo San Lucas * Mayakoba Beach, Riviera Maya
* North Beach, Isla Mujeres * Loreto, Baja;
* Four Seasons, Punta Mita * El Careyes Beach, Careyes.
*Tulum (near Isla de Mujeres) and one of my favorite places--San Migule de Allende
If you are even more adventuresome consider Guatemala. More on this next time.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Behind the Lens

I am very honored to be one of the women featured in Tess Gallun's project

WAR As Experienced By Women Photojournalists
Tess Gallun
here is an excerpt from Behind the Lens

"The women that I interviewed are: Lynsey Addario, Samantha Appleton,
Sherrlyn Borkgren, Deborah Copaken Kogan, Ruth Fremson, Pauline Lubens, and Ami
By going behind the scenes of combat photography and looking at the realities,
trauma, and ethics of war through the eyes of these women, I analyze how female
photojournalists feel that their gender and increased presence in the field are affecting
their efforts on the front lines. In particular, I examine how concern for others plays out
for these women, illustrating that there are caring voices that need to be recognized,
valued, and heard."

Disclaimer: I made this blog to talk about things that matter to me. Whether it be destination weddings or the front lines, it's all about being holistic in world views and balanced in life.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Before you buy a bigger Megapixel Camera consider this

Buying a camera with more Mega pixels does not mean higher quality imagines. If the sensor is not larger for all those mega pixels the camera has to create more noise to compensate.(fuzzier pictures)Ales

If a company just keeps stuffing more megapixels on the same sensor overloading that sensor you actually will end up with less quality instead of more. If you are beginning to look around for Christmas photography deals, make sure you don't fall for the more is better ads.
Unless you plan on making billboard sized images you don't really need all them pixels anyway. Before you buy consider the size of pictures you will be printing and buy accordingly. There are cameras with "bigger" sized pixels but that is just getting too technical for here. If you want more infor be sure and do your google homework before buying something that will give you less for your money.
OH and save yourself the headache of filling up your scratch discs with humongous images that you will never use. Remember, keep it simple.This picture photographed on a Canon 30D with one light and natural light. Alex Byrson model, photography Sherrlyn Borkgren

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