Monday, November 17, 2008

Pleading for Food in the Congo

A Congolese man pleads to aid workers for food. Only those who are in official refugee or resettlement camps are given food by the aid groups. This man pleads his cause of joblessness and a family who is hungry but he is turned away.


Gary said...

Each posting is bringing us closer to the Congo...and its moral dilemmas. It's refreshing that you're not a passive photographer, but that you intervene as needed with wisdom and moral clarity.

alyssa flaten said...

Sherlynn, you are in my prayers! I am so enjoying your posts and admire your passion, artistic vision, and compassion for others. In sharing your experiences you are giving us a glimpse of God's precious treasures in the Congo, to some they are considered "the least of these" but to Christ they are equal to Him. What a servant you are!

Arnold said...

News reports yesterday say the Congolese Rebels were ordered to pull back as Govt. forces move in. Be safe.

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