Monday, November 30, 2009

Bridal Portrait or Glamor Portrait Alex Rocks

We photographers always want someone unique to show up when we photograph and here came Alex. Beautiful clothing designer who actually creates her own line of clothing. We are all waiting for it to be named and when it is I'll be posting it right here. I love her turban and her Dubai Middle Eastern look that compliments her gorgeous wedding dress.

Friday, November 20, 2009

How to shoot in a BIG ROOM! Got time?

Toronto Maple Leafs Photo Shoot from Finn O'Hara on Vimeo.

How many hours did it take Fin O'hara assistants to set up this shoot? Just in the case you don't get to the end of this video think 18 hours

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How do you Make the Right Choice When Faced with Decisions

IN these times of economic difficulties, it is period that we can take a breather and remember what our dreams were in the first place. Worrying doesn't seem to make anything different. I know that people (TV) has been telling us for a long time that we NEED lots of material things in our lives and we have mostly all bought into it. So our workdays have become longer because we have to pay for all the stuff they've convinced us that we need. But now thanks to extra time off we can get the clutter out of our head.

What is important? What's the matter with driving and older car or learning to buy differently?

In January I have 3 options that are open to me in my photography career. It's exciting but scary. Scary because I want it to be blessed by God and all 3 things seem equally "right" to do. I haven't felt that I should do one over another yet. So I'm looking at the past and realizing that whenever God gives me something to do I never know it until the last 5 minutes. I am trying to keep the peace and clarity in my heart and not over think everything.
I wish I could do all three but it would be impossible.

Look at the bottom Left of this blog There is a very nice music video and there is a stats which shows people from all over the world who visit. You can copy and paste that right onto your own blog and enjoy.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Keeping Your Wedding Dreams -

Wedding Website link

PhotobucketWhen you decide to marry remember your dream. It's easy to get pressured to do things that are not part of your dream. As long as you aren't hurting someone plan and save for what you really want. Whether you have dreamed of a fantasy destination wedding or a quaint wedding in your backyard stick to your planning. It can be easy to feel pressured to downsize your wedding or upsize it. It's a memory in the making so do it your way and stick with the things that are important to you. Bride, Dream on!
Eugene Wedding Photographer

Saturday, November 14, 2009

God Knows When I don't

Now I have 4 sites and am thinking I'm in over my head. It might be time to downsize. I don't even visit facebook anymore as I'm so busy with blogs. There seem to be 2 things that have the opposite affect on me. 1. Is whenever I try to "diet" I gain a few pounds. 2. Whenever I attempt to make life more simple, I create more complications.
Every time I finally become satisfied with my website, I see some really awesome design above and beyond my knowledge to create and I think, "I'll never get off the computer". I really enjoy meeting real people in person. I love being in my real life.

Spending more time alone with God is the only way that I ever get real peace in my heart and yet I deny that wonderful time with scurrying to and fro with all these "things".

Saturday, November 7, 2009

NEW Boudoir Photography over there.....
Finally I have a simple blog up with Boudoir photography that we've been shooting.
The idea began with offering bridal boudoir -it's a great way to give a surprise to someone you love!

It's a fun fun session with lots of creative ideas flowing and the images are killers!!!
I'll be adding more photos to the blog and talking about the sessions.
These boudoir or haute glamor sessions are for women of all sizes and shapes.
WE are all beautiful and I love bring your beauty to the forefront.
Please stop by my new blog and leave me a comment so we can interact!

He said . . .

She said, "me too"...Photobucketgreen widget wedding photography

We practice Green wedding photography


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hail all Grooms!

PhotobucketSiesta for groom in the heat of the afternoon during a sizzling destination wedding in the Caribbean
Sherrlyn Borkgren Photography website

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