Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Congolese Refugees Fight Over Supplies

Young men sharpened sticks into spears outside of Goma Congo today. Fighting and rioting took over when aid workers brought brightly colored orange and blue buckets to a desolate refugee camp outside of Goma. The goal of the aid workers was to teach the people at the camp to purify the murky river water. The threat of cholera is high in the Congo although not yet considered an epidemic.
Some of the refugees grabbed the buckets and ran off with them leaving behind the water purification tablets.


Euphoria Imaging said...

beautiful photojournalistic approach of the photos..

interesting info too.

Anonymous said...

sherrlyn, so glad you're safe. rhonda & i are taking care of elliot, & though he misses you, he's fine. you're in my prayers. mike

rhonda said...

Photos are great! Eliot doing fine. Mike and I are dropping by on weekdays.

Sherrlyn Borkgren said...

thanks for taking good care of Elliot!!!
I am sure he is happy for the poddy break.

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