Sunday, November 9, 2008


It is impossible to download a picture on this connection from Goma right now so words will hopefully suffice.
Crossing the border from Rwanda to the Congo went without incident although it cost a lot of money. Auto drivers seem to suck up a big portion of all money and it is impossible to get anywhere without hiring one.

I connected with Heal Africa and am staying at their lodge. IN another hour am leaving to a village that has been attacked and the militia rebels are said to be overlooking it from the hills.
Of good fortune and many prayers I have had the great opportunity to meet up with 3 bros from ahhh they just told me they must remain anonymous, well, they are going to this village outside of Goma and I am hitching a ride with them. Very good people.
Their organization pulled them out of their regular jobs to send them to the Congo with the motivation of getting into some of the "off limit" areas in the villages of DRC. Who better could I have met?


AMY said...

have a safe journey to the village, sherrlyn.

Spoinewc Productions said...

Sherrlyn, Those pictures are really stunning. Keep up the good work and stay safe. I am going to send mass mailings out to all of my facebook friends and tell them about your site. I will try to get skype on my computer. I haven't done so yet.

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