Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Back from Bend Oregon

Just back from Bend Oregon. Throughout my photography career I make it a point to go to seminars and be around those who also Love photography and are breaking new ground.
It was my delight and pleasure to go to Kevin's seminar this past week. I hope to take full advantage of all the post production work that I learned from this wonderful person. I just adore Kevin Kubota and his wife Claire. Kecia Kubota is wonderful and brainy if I may say so.

Love, Give Back, Pay forward, Love

Monday, November 12, 2007

Launching this website

It's been some work getting this website ready. The questions like black background, no white, or maybe brown can plague me forever.
Finally made some decisions and it's looking great and fun. Really for weddings everything should be happy fun like barefoot in the sand.
So if you haven't checked it out
Check back here for pictures and more coming soon

Come On In

Post a note, a poem, a newsbit whatever you please.

Thanks to a very cool out of the box kinda guy, Gary Klein who made it all happen!!!!! Yeah Gary
Also Dr. V. Bose my surface hippy friend in Chennai, India many many thanks.

Santorini Greece, Fiji or Jamaica? 

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