Sunday, March 29, 2009

Giselle & Mike Engagement Photos & Rainsongs

Mike & Giselle engagement Wedding theme: Books & Latino (Beans) Favorite color:Purple, Favorite pass time: Head in books. Photography Sherrlyn

Forever was a dream, in the midst of forest, up a mountain path, she takes me in her arms, a dream I sing forever with this girl in the mist of rain a song, I sing.

Where is that girl now? Mike and Giselle are so much fun. They came from Chicago to have their photo shoot- really just an excuse to indulge in the greenery of Oregon. Mike & Giselle-- brainy, sweet and fun- did I say fun, fun fun? It rained during our complete photo shoot but they endured and laughed over it. This picture was taken during a warm up break in Eugene Oregon.

Mix a soon to be lawyer and a child loving nanny and what do you get? Fun loving Giselle and Mike! Not only are these two happy and fun they got a plan!

Friday, March 20, 2009

And Then He Kissed Me - Wedding Engagement

oohlang oohlang- He looked so Fine and then He Kissed Me.

Joel & Krista-Secret Garden, in the onset of spring with birds singing, winter still in the air the earth shouts- CELEBRATE! Life is wonderful.

OK WOW!look what little Krista can do! Joel must be over 6 foot.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Krista & Joel are Engaged!

Love in the Cool Breathe of a Spring Garden

Krista and Joel were such a blast to photograph. Joel kept us laughing throughout the photo shoot. Here is just one of the beautiful pictures of the engaged couple. I just couldn't wait to get one up for them. Krista leads the international group called Global Friends! More photos tomorrow

Monday, March 2, 2009

Brides -Win Free Wedding Photography It's all about LOVE and YOU!

Deadline is March 31 (which is also my birthday)!
You have heard of pay it forward right? I want to bless someone with free wedding photography this year shot personally by me. I am influenced by the song on the right side bar on my blog-(you see part of a face there). Play it-I promise it will affect you.
I am so blessed in this life. Tonight I heard a holocaust survivor say, "thank you for allowing me to see the sun each day". I know there are plenty of people struggling right now and I would like to give this for someone in need. It will be my pleasure!

Send me no more than a few paragraphs no more than 1 page email (go to my website for my email) of why you deserve or want my wedding photography. Tell me anything you want about you and your fiance, something about your wedding plans, where your wedding will take place and when. Then tell me how you will spread the love forward. It's all about love. Celebrate!

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