Monday, November 3, 2008

Countdown to Goma, Congo

So much is going on in the Congo. I am trying to imagine what it could possibly feel like to be a refugee, to be on the verge of sickness and hunger constantly.


Vincent said...

OH my God when do you leave for the Congo? YOU will be a shining light. LOVE and hugs. Vincent

l.mona said...

sherrlyn, whatever you find in Congo, whomever you witness, i'm sure you'll capture it with unerring honesty and compassion. good luck and godspeed, be safe and take pictures! AMY

Gwen said...

Safari njema! Good travels.
Nimefurahi kukufundisha Kiswahili. Utafanya vizuri.
I was happy to teach you Swahili. You will do well.
Kwa heri,

harley mike said...

sherrlyn, so glad to talk to you before you left for the Congo. let your talent & experitse show through while you're there, & show all your wonderful spirit. elliot misses you. mike

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