Thursday, November 27, 2008

"Never Forget" from Belice CONGO DRC

Belice walks an hour with her little sister Cecile to get water each day. She says that she feels "very afraid when I see a soldier". Belice says she thinks about what a soldier did to her all the time. (Nine-year-old Belice was raped by a Congolese government soldier). Belice says, "I never forget".

Belice and her little sister Celice walk an hour to get water. Belice says she feels her heart beating too fast when she sees a soldier.

Picture: Nine-year-old Belice in the N. Kivu area of (DRC) Eastern Congo blows on embers while her younger brother and sister help. Belice was raped violently by a Congolese soldier who she identified but he was not reprimanded in any form.

I am at my computer in the midst of Goma Congo with the welcomed electricity running through the veins of cords that has me hooked up to you, the world. A breeze of gray air filters through the windows cooling me just enough to keep my nose (electricity off but I'm in Word) at the computer. Rhyming words in Swahili along with the kicking of a tin can ring into the room. Ahhh I am so privileged and yet I feel a constant red flag in my heart warning me that because of this fortunate I am also accountable. It's not that I have so much in the US. I drive a worn down 1997 Nissan, have no insurance, live in a 1-bedroom apt and every cup of tea I drink out I think about the ( ahh the electricity is out) so I can continue for 5 minutes on a Mac battery. This is my 2nd MAC by the way and the battery is the same—five- minute endurance. Electricity is back so will post this while I can. Love Sherrlyn Borkgren


l,mona said...

who are these beautiful children Sherrlyn, where are they?

Anonymous said...

hi sherralynn I saw your pictures they break my heart. We support missionaries from the congo but they rarely talk about their country. You have been in our prayers let me know how I can help you. Thank you for being faithful to go. blessings from Ron Smith

Anie and Joe said...

God Bless you, these are wonderful telling pictures. these children in the Congo are beautiful. The rape of that girl is tremendous! I just cannot fathom this. This little girl I imagine is an example of so many. My prayers follow you and them. The Congo sounds amazing and the Congo sounds scary, knowing there are so many rapes there. Prayers and thoughts. Thank you Annie

Dawn and Bob Davis said...

Hi Sherrlyn,

I'm sorry I haven't responded sooner. I just read through your Congo entries on your blog. << sigh >> You have a heart of gold, a will of great strength and a passion I wish I had more of. You have been in my thoughts and prayers for our dear Lord to keep you safe in your travels to Congo. Your words bring goosebumps to my skin. The thought of what you're seeing and experiencing makes me think about how blessed we all have it here in the states. I know we all have a story and some are much harder, MUCH harder, than others but nothing like little Belize's story....her life right now. So many girls and women like Belize... it just breaks my heart.

You are such a strong, brave woman and YES you have God on your side to give you strength when you need it and hold you up when you're weak. You are blessing us all by bringing this awareness to the world. We all should know what's going on in Congo.

I pray for your safe return and for you to accomplish what it is you are there to do. I believe in you and I'm so honored to have been part of the ShootQ grant judging. What an amazing experience that was.

God bless!

~ Dawn

Sherrlyn Borkgren said...

I finally got Belice to write her name on paper and it is with a (c) not a (z). It was a guess until I could see it on paper.
Desperate to get back to N.Kivu and without a vehicle I joined Jackie, on a minibus,(everyone has warned against doing such a thing). It was great.
The other people on the bus were refugees returning to their homes in N. Kivu after living in internally displaced camps. The Congolese soldiers harassed us a bit when we were crossing into Laurent Nkunda's territory but it wasn't too bad.

marcy said...

You put a beautiful face on a terrible subject. But it makes it more personal. Excellent.

MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner said...

Wow--what a heartbreaking story... that something so simple as a trip to get water for the family can be so incredibly terrifying. Thank you for the beautiful pictures, and for bringing little Belice's story to us. Children should never have to suffer such things.

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