Thursday, May 3, 2012

Photography Portfolio Review

How many times have I had my portfolio reviewed? Many many times. I once had my portfolio reviewed by Bert Fox at National Geographic. He kept one photo and told me to start from there. Of course while working on a Master's degree at Ohio University my work was reviewed daily. When people ask me to review their work I know they may go away believing or not my edit. The best advice I can give right out is to edit tightly. If the photo is weak it is what people will remember. Be without mercy on yourself when editing or better yet, have someone you respect give you an edit. Photo taken with a lensbaby in Eugene Oregon during a small Occupy Protest. This dog was by far the most active member of the group.
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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Summer Workshop 2012 Oregon- National Geographic Photographer

Vacation time coming up? Take a workshop with Lynn Johnson
Lynn's is an accomplished photographer and you most likely have seen her work cover the pages of LIFE MAGAZINE, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, (the latest is that of the Apostles). Lynn doesn't strive for fame and as far as I know has never entered a contest. She tells stories and hopes to change a bit of the world.

We will cover much more than knowing how to click as being a good photographer includes a spiritual and holistic vista of cultures. You can check out the latest issues of National Geographic Magazine for Lynn's work.

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