Monday, November 17, 2008

Making Big Mistakes

"There is no fear for those who love God"
Getting out of trouble has always come 2nd nature to me. Maybe it is because I get into a lot of trouble. A fellow who is working in the Congo with the aid group,Samaritan's Purse and I went to the border yesterday so that I could renew my passport. It was suppose to be easy simple quick. However when we were leaving the border office my friend took a picture with his point and shoot of the border crossing. Oh boy all hell broke loose.
Before we knew it we were back in the custom's office and the sleezy and sleezier agents took my camera (mind you not the camera that was used to take the picture) and began going through my pictures. With each picture they pursed their lips and tsk tsk and would then say told me the fine just went up another $1,000 or we could go to jail for many years. "How could you not know that in the Congo it is illegal to take pictures? And here you have pictures even of the military" My friend and I did squirm a bit but in the end because God let me see that they were nothing but bullies and hey how do bullies act when they are confronted with strength(especially when God is our my side)?
I got my camera back, my money back, and even was able to save my flash card from being erased. However my visa did not get stamped! Ask me someday in private and I'll tell precisely how this was done. Believe me they couldn't wait to get us out of that office!
Today I hired someone to go get a visa renewed today for me. From now on all pics on my flash card will get uploaded and erased as soon as possible. Tutaonana

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thinkapex said...

I expect to see a story on CNN one day that goes something like "Photojournalist incites rioting in the Congo and is elected President."

Of course, that's always been your style. Stay safe.

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