Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ducking the bullets and Belice Doesn't Move

Ta....tta.....ta.........ta machine gun fire rips through the peaceful tranquility of Belice's village. We are standing on the dirt road that runs through the center of her village when the firing overtook the sound of laughter. We all throw ourselves to the ground but when I look up there is Belice and her little sister stunned just standing there. I yell at Belice to get down and grab Cecile and pull her down. Everyone is OK. Just another drunken soldier firing off an AK-47.


Sarah Woods said...

Wonderful pictures, but such a frightening story. Hard to believe such a little girl, or a whole society of little ones... could be so brave, and just move on through life, one step at a time.

Edward Jacobson said...

This little girl's face is so telling. It is if she has seen so much and yet is very innocent at the same time.
I agree with Sarah how do they do it? One step at a time...It sounds like they were too stunned to move when the bullet started flying in the Congo. Thanks for showing these pictures. By the way can you make them any bigger?

Julia Rodriguez said...

Wow! wonderful images. These pictures and these words have kept me awake. I would like to help donate something to this family too. I'll email about how to do that. How can people just keep on enduring? Julia

Candice said...

Brave and Beautiful. How can this be in a world where we have so much?

Dawn Davis said...

I agree with Candice! Be safe. With God all things are possible. ~ Dawn

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