Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Taxi? This is it in the Congo

They call me a clinger. But I bet you would be a clinger too here in the Congo. When I get on a moto I wrap my arms around the driver's waist and intertwine my fingers. I usually have my camera bag behind the driver's back and my backpack on my back. Trying to stay on the seat takes talent and I am getting it down. This is the taxi equivalent in the Congo at least in Goma,Congo.

We begin each trip dodging volcanic rocks, mud holes,old holes,garbage,branches not to mention the thousands of motorcycles also dodging the same garbage along their way. As the passenger I am rarely actually touch the seat until we come to a stop.

We pass by hundreds of SUV's with AID logos plastered on the sides. It makes me think that the only traffic jam is caused by these giant AID vehicles from Medicines sin Fronteirs,Save-the-Children, USAID, oh my gosh there are so many AID groups here, it is hard not to mix up all the acronyms. Really if we counted you would think that everyone in this country would be well fed and housed in sufficient homes. Unfortunately this is not the case.


Gary said...

I just went through a week of your blog and it took me awhile to remember that I am in Philadelphia, not the Congo! I don't understand why claiming territory is so important to the Aid groups, and wonder what they could do to be more effective and efficient. I eagerly await your updates!

Sherrlyn Borkgren said...

Thanks for your comment Gary! yes claiming territory by Aid groups is quite confusing. It is a shame that they don't work better together. It is so complex as aid groups in the Congo do help and yet sometimes they hurt. You must read the book "What is the What".
Sherrlyn Borkgren
in the Congo DRC



Catherine Hull said...

OH my God, are you really riding around on a motorcycle in the Congo? That sounds very dangerous. Hope you stay safe. Am following this blog and think it is wonderful. thanks.

Jackie said...

That is pretty funny way to get around!!!!! Jackie

Jessica Eades said...

hey lovesimplyhappens, I just saw an article about you in RANGEFINDER MAGAZINE. I think they could have used a better picture but besides that it is good to hear about the story there. A friend said she is now subscribing to WORLD MAGAZINE so am going to check out the article there.
I love Africa and this has been pretty heart wrenching to follow but thanks. I hop you can keep up on this family.

JP said...

Very moving images and stories. JP

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