Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Trouble Makers

"Every time I pass by soldiers I think, "here come the big troublemakers". Nine-year-old Belice was raped by the Congolese government soldiers. The soldiers stole the goats from her family. The soldiers dismantled their house and took all the wood and possessions they had saved for over the years.

If you would like to donate to Belice's family to help them start over please email me.estination wedding photographer lovesimplyhappens, Destination wedding photographer lovesimplyhappens, Destination wedding photographer lovesimplyhappens,Goma Congo Refugees Congo Sherrlyn Borkgren ShootQ, Nkunda rebels Kivu


Dan said...

Hi. I just took a few minutes to catch up on the entries on you blog site and realize that I guess I have been missing quite a few of these over the past week. I have presumed that when I read down to something I read earlier that I was at the end of your latest entry. Today I discovered much more. Thanks for all the news and for being a comfort to Belize and her familly.

We do not normally commit our selves to gifts until the 25th of the month but I feel it is safe to say that we would like to give $50 to Belize and her family. I saw some ssymbols for visa at the end of the blog. Is that the way we should convey the $$? Is there a better way where we might get a receipt?

I thought you intended to return by now and I have been expecting to hear from you about meeting you. I hope all is well.
We are doing good and church is going on good. There are still new people every week. I hope we are doing a good job of connecting with them.

I love you much and really appreciate what you are doing.


Sarah Woods said...

How long do you intend to stay in the Congo? Was also wondering how things were doing.. did a Google search for you and found your blog on page 3. Will check back.

-Sarah Woods

Sherrlyn Borkgren said...

HI friends, thanks for checking in. Wow Dan $50 for Belice and her family will buy the sack of potato seeds that her father wants to start farming again.

Sara Good to hear from you! Sherrlyn Borkgren

Anonymous said...

I posted info and a link to your blog back to 2 other sites that I run for our women's outreach groups. Hopefully you'll get some donations coming in from it. I gave them the link to your paypal as well.
-Sarah Woods

Sarah Woods said...


I hope your email address of is still working, because I sent you a pmt of $50.00 this morning using my paypal account, to yours. This is for your travelling expenses... I'd still like to know how long you are going to be there. :)

-Sarah Woods

Grazier Photography said...

I'm loving your blog updates. Wishing you safety and health as you continue your journey!

Sherrlyn Borkgren said...

Sarah I finally could get on internet and did get your donation. There is a medical team going to be down there when I get back to the US and they can get the money to Belice!
Thanks from Belice. Did you know

WARNING! lovesimplyhappens just when you don't expect it.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know what you are doing now and would like to see your latest photography where ever you might be. I'd like to donate to your work in general please let me know Frej I can only comment anonymos here but will email you at your does work? I guess I can just try it!

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