Thursday, December 4, 2008

Goma CONGO Guns Kill

When is it enough? "I have no father" 16 year-old Beda weeps after her father died from a gunshot wound in the kidney minutes earlier. He was hit by a stray bullet Sunday November 9 as he walked down the street in Goma, Congo in Eastern Africa.

Congolese Army and Nkunda's army continue to have squirmishes while negotiations and lack of aid are at a stalemate.


Gary said...

Sherrlyn, your raw accounts are giving context to the world news about the Congo. Thanks for your eyes on the ground.

Anna from Berlin said...

I couldn't sleep and am doing catch up things. I just saw World Magazine and this very picture. It is a painful picture. I do not want to look.

Carrie Robintz Sweden said...

Thank you for these images and stories. My heart feels the pain of theis girl when I to see her picture. I hope the world can see these as I think it is powerful to see this one life.

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