Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A little More FUN!

OK who pulled the hair out of my skull? (Below) See the hat? It is the most coveted hat in the E. Congo. Even Callie Lynn & Dr. Jo Lusi's dog wanted the hat. In the final Cherif of Heal Africa got the Obama hat!

(Picture 3 below) Dr.Jo Lusi founder of Heal Africa in Goma Congo checks a child after an orthopedic surgery.

Children in N.Kivu area of the Eastern Congo run through fields towards the foreigners.

UN peacekeepers in the Eastern Congo N. Kivu area with one of their broken vehicles in tow.

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Jakob Zaraski said...

Amazing VARITY of creative picturs

Katie AND Johnathan said...

This UN picture is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sherrlyn LOVE TO YOU. Big Heart. Big Thoughts. Mikie

Sonia said...

Sherrlynn, thank you for bringing us the true spirit of Christmas. What a wonderful soul you are! Of course the residents of Goma think you're sick because you are so white....but, beautiful. The photos in your blog are thunderously wonderful. The b&w couldn't have been from a digital.....are they?? And I think that image of the back of a UN truck at twilight is the most iconic image of aid in Africa I've ever seen. Enter it into the POY contest! I was in Zaire for the "Rumble in the Jungle." Those were the days. My photog hat's off to you, Gal !!
Sonia Katchian, Chapel Hill

Sherrlyn Borkgren said...

Sonia, Thank you for your thoughts. Did you know your contact infor is turned off on your blog!

Karen said...

Sherrlyn, Again, the photos of the Congo were captivating and definitely left a lasting impression with me. I viewed your wedding photos also, they are fantastic. I love them. Keep up the great work!!!!

Karen Wallace

Karen said...

Sherrlyn, The photos of the Congo were breath taking and most definitely has left a lasting impression on me. And, after viewing your wedding photos -- fantastic work again -- you go girl, keep it up!!!!

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