Saturday, December 27, 2008

Thanks Professional Photographer's Magazine

Thanks Professional Photographer's Magazine for the interview and talking about my work along with ShootQ in the Congo.
Rangefinder Magazine-thank you for the recognition
and of course
Wonderful play of Bedu in the Congo and thanks for running the pictures in BW.


Sarah Woods said...

Are you back, Sherrlyn?

caron said...

Sherrlyn! Welcome home....I opened the pages of Rangefinder magazine and saw your beautiful face and write up on your ShootQ grant page 176. Congrats on your mission accomplished and raising much needed awareness in the Congo, and for returning home safely. Your images make me stop in my tracks. Caron

Sherrlyn Borkgren said...

Sarah thank you for the donation. The International Medical Team will get the donation to the family as they are down in the Congo now.
I returned to the US last week and am adjusting. Now what? God knows because I certainly don't. I don't think anyone knows that I am photographing weddings now as there as been this disappearance by me. (ha ha) Ross Tanner of flosites gifted me with this great photoblog
Take a look. I'll start working on it this week.

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