Monday, January 19, 2009

OH YEA Barack! Unbelievable

I took these pictures of Barack Obama right after he handed me my sound recorder which a friend had dropped. When I was in the Congo a man said to me, "I just realized that Barack Obama is the president of America". I gave away my Barack Obama cap to dear Cheriff in the Congo who very much deserved it. He now has the only Barack Obama hat in the E. Congo as far as I know. Can I explain to you how proud he is of that cap. The cap came to me as a going away gift from Amy Marash.
When I met Barack that day, the day he returned my recorder to me his eyes spoke-"kindness". I was a child when President Kennedy was shot and our hope was dismissed. This is like a second chance. Today I received a quite big donation check in the mail from a precious friend urging me to do something honorable with it. I learned in Iraq to say a prayer over any money that comes into my palms. So today I held it up to God and asked a blessing and the best use for it. All good things come from above (and sometimes through the hands of amazing people).
Life is Preciously Amazing!
My favorite saying is "An enemy is only one's whose story I have not heard".


tanja7 said...

Although I dont live in American, Barack seems like the best man for the job. I was watching his journey through his political life on T.V last night and he stikes me as real and genuine. Practices what he preaches.

Marie Reed said...

I NEED to watch his speech again. I just watched the French translation on the tube. It's NOT the same:)

PetalsYoga said...

WOW WOW WOW!!!! You really captured him! Thanks so much for sharing these. I cried all morning watching the inauguration.

Thanks for visiting me. I'll be back to check out your amazing work too!



The Blonde Duck said...

Great shots!

Debbi said...

I love the first shot! That's AWESOME genuine-ity there!

Girl_In_Love_Again said...

Girl in Love...I love the close up of Barack Obama with his cute smile. I want to More pictures from the congo

Anonymous said...

Hey Sherrlyn! I really love your blog! I am the lucky one here! lol. Thank you so much for visiting my page, I like to do a lot of art and I really love all kinds of music. Your photography is splendid and I would like to follow your blog, u are more than welcome to follow mine as well if u would like. The Congo!!! It sounds like u lead a very exciting life with lots of travel!!! I have to admit a little envy! lol Always be careful and have fun dear, Looking forward to reading more of your posts.
Julian :)

diamondmum said...

this is really nice! I like your shots! well done mate!

lunaticg said...

congratulation for barack Obama and people in United States of America.
See you around.

aliceinparis said...

I look forward to a future with Barack as President:)

EcoMind said...

Thanks Sherryl for your comments. And some awesome photos you have. President Obama is a true inspiration for many of us. And I truly believe he will bring us the change we need.


Euphoria Imaging said...

:) silly, i know we have a new president.... this past week i have no pc access, using the Nintendo Wii to respond back... 48hrs ago (still going) fighting off a serious flu :( but yes it was done with the lenbabies composer :)

jerry carlin said...

Yes, Obama has shown us hope and inspiration we haven't seen since Kennedy! The world can know that there is a good side to America!
But my real question is how caqn you be in Eugene, Chicago and the Congo all at the same time?
I'll start reading your blog often to find out! jerry

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