Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Believe in Miracles

I shot my first weddings last year and I had once said I would never shoot weddings. I love love love photographing weddings now.
I get to be around couples in love. Infectious love that fills me at each wedding ceremony.
I had been seeking for a path a way to balance out the war and violence that I cover as a photojournalist and now I get to spend days with people in love.
The hardest thing this last year was that my cat I had carried back from Iraq was run over by a car. I will forever miss "Sapper".

On the top ten list of really great:

I won the photo competition and the ShootQ grant set up by Rachel Lacour her husband Andrew Niessen and judged by Dawn Davis, Joe Bussinick,Jasmine Star and more.
This gave me the passage to Eastern Congo where I met nine-year-old Belice, her family and her village. It was if Belice and her village were waiting for me to arrive. I had made plans before I went but they each fell apart one-by-one.
Meeting Belice was random nothing but serendipity. Not really. I know before I could have imagined it, it was a setup, the planning had already taken place. And so perfectly.


Artstar said...

Sherilyn, I too once thought I would never shoot weddings and love it now... Best of luck in '09 and congrats on the grant!

Stephen Beyer said...

Hi. Right now I'm living down on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico but we have our sights set on Eugene sometime this year... this is my first attempt to reach out to someone from the area. Hi. Your photography is inspiring.


love said...

HI Stephen. How can I aid you? I lived in Guatemala for more than 10 years. I understand how it feels to move back to the US. Where are you exactly in Yucatan? Sherrlyn

Stephen Beyer said...

Merida. It's nice and all but not really what we were looking for...

So we (my partner kellye, 3 kids, and their mom) are planning on heading up to Eugene.

We (the parents) are in our early 30's so we are looking for a neighborhood with some life and diversity... nothing too pricey... with lots of art to inspire the children.

Any ideas?

The Muse said...

I am very pleased for you...and also glad that you are loving what you do !

Terri Steffes said...

I love going to weddings... I think it would be lovely to shoot them, too!

Thanks for coming over and helping with my room... what a first glimpse of me... all whiney and pathetic!

Love your advice!

Euphoria Imaging said...

Congrats on the success, best wishes in 2009.. and I'm nervous, I got 2 weddings to do this coming year (one of which is my brothers)



The Blonde Duck said...

Saw you on SITS and had to say hi!

The Muse said...

Thanks for your support while i was having blogger issues :)
Glad i am showing back as a follower :)

Anonymous said...

Love what I am seeing here. Great diversity. I just went down through your archieves. WOW! worth the trip!

Anonymous said...

Thoughtful, touching, the pictures of Belice are so telling about who she is. I can't imagine what she went through and such a little girl. How can this happen?

aliceinparis said...

I would love to shoot weddings. Recording a day full of hope and happiness and love cannot be a bad thing:)
Cheers, Shelagh

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