Thursday, January 29, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire - India Wedding

Destination Wedding Photography

Destination Wedding Photography
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India Weddings are infused with oranges, reds lots of amazing food and they last a very long time. Their wedding began the night before informally and lasted for a good 24 hours. This may explain why the couple does not smile a lot as well as that this is only the second time that they have met. (I hope hope that they are good for each other). The woman's parents pay the grooms parents at least a year ahead for the prospective marriage. The woman will move into the man's family home until they someday get a home of their own.
This wedding in Chennai India was lovely even under florescent lights. A nightmare for color correcting but I can deal.
After seeing Slumdog Millionaire tonight I got that extra breathe to at least put up a few pictures from the beautiful wedding in India.
Incredible colors. Not exactly a destination wedding as they obvious live there. The food is amazing. The people incredible and capable of staying awake extremely long hours.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sherrlyn! These pics are soooooo beautiful!!!! I love all the color in the Indian weddings. Is this the traditional way ? with all of the yellow, orange and red? It makes for some gorgeous photos. Thanks so much for sharing. Take care my friend,
Julian :)

love said...

HI Julian, Yes the traditional Indian weddings are infused with color especially orange. Great for photos although what you don't see is they had green florescent lights above and in corners which made me very nervous. If I had known before...well I'm thankful for color correction!

Marie Reed said...

After 24 hours I would only want to smile at my pillow:

Unknown said...

What a wonderful and festive wedding you captured it beautifully.

Linda S. Socha said...


Great Name! I have a younger sister who name is Jerrlyn thanks to me.
Wonderful photos! You are a talented gal! My husband is a photographer and lives and breates it. The color orange might be seen as the courage to go forward ! It could apply here! It is difficult to imagine marrying somone you have just recently met.

Your adventures seem around the world. Thanks for visiting Psyche Connections. Glad you made it there. Please stop back . You have what used to be called Good Vibrations!

B said...

That first image just grabbed me, it's so stunning. I'm glad you stopped in to say hi so I could see your work. Beautiful.

vsm/whirling dirvish photography said...

Great photos! Love the movement inthe last one!

Dawn Parsons Smith said...

Beautiful photos (as usual!)

Love all the colors and movement!

The Blonde Duck said...

I would not be happy. Great pics though!

spread your wings said...

thank you for stopping by our blog - now I have the treat of seeing your blog.
This Indian wedding must have been an amazing event. thanks for sharing your wonderful photos. I want to see Slumdog Millionaire. I hear it's very good.

Artstar said...

Sherlynn, haven't been by in a minute but I was excited to see this post. I saw Slumdog a few days ago and love the jubilance of it! Great job on the photos, too. : )

Anonymous said...

I want a DESTINATION WEDDING I was thinking Mexico, San Miguele de Allende wedding, I love the colonial look there but then what about a Fji wedding on the beach? Now seeing this maybe a destination wedding in India. Now just to get Johnathan to propose to me!!!!!! Hang on. I lost my avatar.

olivinlove said...

Beautiful colors,your correction is great :) and yes, I am a turkish girl. If you have a chance to shoot a destination photography, you've a fan and assistant here :)

love said...

Thanks for letting me know that someone is looking! And Olive if I get a destination wedding in Turkey I'll be calling you to assist. What about a wedding in Kappadokia would not that be an amazing site for a wedding!!!

olivinlove said...

wow ! Kappadokia is a great idea... Do you mind if I use this idea? I want to turn my hobby (photography) to the way of living. so... who knows!

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful! I love the colors and motion. They jump right off the page at you!

Amelia said...

wonderful photos Sherrlyn! I have an entry on the dowry system in India Lost Girls of India

Irina Smirnova said...

Wow, these are stunning! I always wanted to shoot indian wedding, this year it may as well happen :)!

This is very useful~

Arnold said...

Very nicely done Sherrlyn. Good job. Not easy capturing the essence of a foreign custom and to do it with tenderness. Love the colors and intensity of it all

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