Thursday, October 15, 2009

Why a Wedding in San Miguel de Allende? Here's 6 Good Reasons

San Migule de Alende
Photography Sherrlyn Borkgren
Why should you consider a wedding in San Migule de Allende? Here are a few good reasons to go to San Miguele de Allende:
Best airfare prices ever this winter!
No reason to get stuck at a mechanical resort when you can dive into the culture of Mexico and add some uniqueness and color to your wedding day. Here's some reasons:
1. San Miguel de Allende's colonial architecture
2. Cobblestone Streets and the evening music in the square
3. Mexican food --- like "real" Mexican chocolate or atol served on street corners!
4. Bargain shopping on arts such as beautiful weavings, ceramics, masks, and paintings
5. Perfect year round weather (even golf at the Malaquin)
6. I am offering great wedding photography deals throughout Mexico,Guatemala,Belize and Costa Rica. I limit how many weddings I shoot so give me a hoot.


Couture Cookie said...

Sounds like a great place to get married! Paging the BF now. :)

Katie M. said...

I was there once not for long enough, I love San Miguele Allende!

Anonymous said...

Anyone planning a trip to San Miguel Allende? I would like to find someone to go with to Mexico. I don't want to go alone.

Rikkij said...

I love her purple dress against his blue so perfect in the outdoor colours. A great place for a shoot and a wedding. ~rick

Anonymous said...

Yes that is Mt. Pisgah a beautiful place and a great wedding landscape!

Lauren (we met) said...

I finally got in here I thought I had to sign up but I guess I can be anonymous! I would love to marry in San Migule de allende. if I can work it out I'll email you. We have time but I figure inland a bit would avoid any storms or hurricanes. This is Lauren by the way... you know. Big hugsxxx000

The Blog Makeover Girl said...

Ooooh I love your work! Wedding photography must be sooooo high pressure?

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, I hope you got some good ideas :)

Louise x

Anonymous said...

Cheri at Sunrise Travel says..can you set up the offical paperwork? I can do the airfare and sometimes great deals at hotels. Would love to connect with you so I can direct my honeymooners to you with great enthusiasm. Your photos are awesome!! If you can get through the paperwork for them- such a blessing.

Sherrlyn Borkgren Photography said...

Blog makeover Girl, you'd think that wedding photography would be high pressure and I know it is for some. For me anything without bullets and IED's going off feels like a honeymoon!

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