Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Behind the Lens

I am very honored to be one of the women featured in Tess Gallun's project

WAR As Experienced By Women Photojournalists
Tess Gallun
here is an excerpt from Behind the Lens

"The women that I interviewed are: Lynsey Addario, Samantha Appleton,
Sherrlyn Borkgren, Deborah Copaken Kogan, Ruth Fremson, Pauline Lubens, and Ami
By going behind the scenes of combat photography and looking at the realities,
trauma, and ethics of war through the eyes of these women, I analyze how female
photojournalists feel that their gender and increased presence in the field are affecting
their efforts on the front lines. In particular, I examine how concern for others plays out
for these women, illustrating that there are caring voices that need to be recognized,
valued, and heard."

Disclaimer: I made this blog to talk about things that matter to me. Whether it be destination weddings or the front lines, it's all about being holistic in world views and balanced in life.



lipstickonhiscollar said...

OMG Sherrlyn is that you behind the black veil. this sounds like an interesting article. I love Ami Vitale photography too and it's wonderful you are honored in this story on women photographers

(sorry I can't log into my google)

David said...

Sherrlyn you should REALLY write a book about all that you have witnessed from Guatemala to Iraq. It is so fascinating and the range of the images that you take not only well but with so much passion NEED to be published!!!!!


Frej said...

Your photography is so honest, unique, compelling and the reality of your stories are so real.
I can tell that you have an anthropology background/ Your being able to embed in the culture of people from Iraq to Latin America. You would really be a good subject in a movie. I'm not saying that lightly not many people have been kidnapped in Guatemala and went on to cover photograph war stories in Iraq. If I were a film maker I'd be asking you to sign a contract and advise on some movies. By the way your written work is fascinating. thanks

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