Thursday, October 1, 2009

Before you buy a bigger Megapixel Camera consider this

Buying a camera with more Mega pixels does not mean higher quality imagines. If the sensor is not larger for all those mega pixels the camera has to create more noise to compensate.(fuzzier pictures)Ales

If a company just keeps stuffing more megapixels on the same sensor overloading that sensor you actually will end up with less quality instead of more. If you are beginning to look around for Christmas photography deals, make sure you don't fall for the more is better ads.
Unless you plan on making billboard sized images you don't really need all them pixels anyway. Before you buy consider the size of pictures you will be printing and buy accordingly. There are cameras with "bigger" sized pixels but that is just getting too technical for here. If you want more infor be sure and do your google homework before buying something that will give you less for your money.
OH and save yourself the headache of filling up your scratch discs with humongous images that you will never use. Remember, keep it simple.This picture photographed on a Canon 30D with one light and natural light. Alex Byrson model, photography Sherrlyn Borkgren


John said...

Great shot as always.

Clare Evans said...

Thanks for explaining this My husband and I notice that we aren't getting better picture from the bigger megapixle point and shoot we bought. That was the selling point but now reading about the sensor relativity it makes sense. We always lurk around here and are lovers of your editorial photography and wedding photography.

Anonymous said...

Very clear and beautiful photograph. I take it she is not a bride?

Kari and Markum said...

HI there, We've been looking around for wedding photographers and want to know if you do destination weddings in Mexico? We are thinking, just thinking so far about a destination wedding in Sayulito Mexico. We know there is a 4 Seasons Hotel but are wanting to find other villas around Sayulito. If you or anyone on here knows please do communicate. We are googling villas Sayulito but word of mouth is best.

Leslie said...

Hey Sherrlyn-It's been awhile and I've taken a haitus from blogging recently, but will be back soon with more art and photos. Always love looking at your work. Saw your post on FB about your Mommy...sad for you as I lost my Mom too and she was so young.
Peace be with you and wishes of continued blessings in your life,



Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT! You can't even tell I have piercings it's great! It sucks that I'm sick I really really want to enter that contest!! I'm going to try and get out of school early tomorrow but I have work at five sooo I'll call you okay? I LOVE THIS PICTURE!

Melissa looking for an island said...

Have you photographed a wedding in the Maldives? We are considering the Maldives for a destination wedding but have not ever been there. If anyone on here has first hand infor please respond. thanks Melissa (I don't have a blog so hope this works)!

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