Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Little Surprise for Happy & His Dad

What a handsome groom and happy father of Happy! Do you know why they are laughing?
Ask Happy!


Jaci Clark said...

LOVE the emotion in this image! You captured it perfectly!


shawnreeder said...

LOVE that image Sherrlyn!! Such a great moment.

Blu Action Girl Plans a Wedding said...

ahh it's been so long I forgot my password but I'm still here. I love the pictures of the women below and I was just showing my fiance your pictures of the Congo from your archieves. His jaw dropped.

I can't wait to meet you in person I guess it will be the moring of our wedding. We are deciding the exact location of our Italy wedding sooooooooooon.

julie p said...

LOVE the laughter! Great job capturing the emotion!

Anonymous said...

I like this picture. It's just radiating warmth and cheer.

beba, said...

It's so cool, that people in your pics look so special. It makes me feel 'I wanna know story behind pic!'

And thanks for your comment, it was really funny :D

Peace and love!

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