Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bride's Mother & Aunt React

The beauty of Maquette sauntering down the aisle holding her father's arm drew wide-eyed looks from all the guests including her own mother and aunt.

Maquette looked stunning in her beautiful hand stitched wedding gown.The first glance of Maquette on her father's arm walking up the aisle brought an "ahhh" from everyone. One can only imagine what her soon to be husband "Happy" might have been thinking!


Laura said...

You are so talented sweetie! To put a smile on your face, stop by and enter the 'What makes you smile?" giveaway...good luck!

lipstickonhiscollar said...

these are the most spontaneous fun wedding pictures ever. did you say that you are a real photojournalist? it sure shows!!!! Gorgeous work!

my picture is changing

Katie said...

Beautiful black & white weddings

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