Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Destination Wedding Photos and Green Wedding Flowers

Erica Sampoya with beautiful handmade Eco flowers in her hair from Kiltsch for a Destination Wedding portrait. Sherrlyn Borkgren Wedding Photojournalist and Destination Wedding Photographer
Several people emailed me asking what I use on the photos---I use sometimes like to get artistic with funky frames but my images are not computerized. I may use artificial lights or natural lights depending on what we want. I only dodge and burn photos as needed but everything else is real. Light is just waiting for a place to fall....


Rikkij said...

I like the use of angles and lines in the first one. How the top left corner starts brown and changes in perfect pitch to the bottom right corner. Everything works to highlight her smile.
the second one is a great use of the corner, especially the guitar. Somehow, even with such a great wall, you are drawn to her. Nice work. ~rick

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherrlyn -

your photos are beautiful! I haven't attempted any "people" shots. I'm still dipping my toe in landscapes and inanimate objects. Your expertise is light years ahead of me!

Thanks for visiting me, and I'll definitely add myself as a follower to your blog.


Jess said...

Your portraits are beautiful! I LOVE the color in the first one, it just fills the screen! I like how you captured the subjects personality with that shot, between the colors and the guitar and the way she's sitting. Awesome job!

Sherrlyn Borkgren Photography said...

thanks for looking friends. Erica has so much good energy and was a blast to work with. Your comments make me "think" about the images more than I would. I see, wait for the cars to get out of the way, it felt like a lot of cars were between Erica and I during the shoot. ha ha I guess they were all slowing down to look at her. But it sure made me feel like I missed some moments.

Rachael said...

These photos are absolutely radiant. I love the color choice and angles. You truly are a gifted photographer.

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