Sunday, November 15, 2009

Keeping Your Wedding Dreams -

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PhotobucketWhen you decide to marry remember your dream. It's easy to get pressured to do things that are not part of your dream. As long as you aren't hurting someone plan and save for what you really want. Whether you have dreamed of a fantasy destination wedding or a quaint wedding in your backyard stick to your planning. It can be easy to feel pressured to downsize your wedding or upsize it. It's a memory in the making so do it your way and stick with the things that are important to you. Bride, Dream on!
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love said...

I received a couple emails informing me about part of this picture being cut off. It appears that the box it should fit in is smaller than the picture when horizontal. I'll have to readjust.
Sorry I haven't been around I've been putting time into the OO!la la boudoir wordpress site. A new learning curve.

love said...

ask your questions here as I'm getting a lot of emails asking the same things so let's share.

For the island wedding pictures I had 3 lights. The background would have been blown out without lights. The brides beautiful dark skin against white also needed light so it was angled to hit her face and not the wedding gown.

ChristylovesJim said...

cut off or not the photograph of cinderella is so much my wedding dream. I love ;your artistic wedding photography and once we set a date I'd love to have you do our wedding!

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