Saturday, November 7, 2009

NEW Boudoir Photography over there.....
Finally I have a simple blog up with Boudoir photography that we've been shooting.
The idea began with offering bridal boudoir -it's a great way to give a surprise to someone you love!

It's a fun fun session with lots of creative ideas flowing and the images are killers!!!
I'll be adding more photos to the blog and talking about the sessions.
These boudoir or haute glamor sessions are for women of all sizes and shapes.
WE are all beautiful and I love bring your beauty to the forefront.
Please stop by my new blog and leave me a comment so we can interact!


katilyn said...

I just went to the Boudoir site and WOW! very cool pictures.

CookieCream said...

AMAZING BOUDOIR PHOTOS! 10 pounds off and I want a turn!!!

JessicalovesJohn said...

Do you do engagement/wedding pictures in Eugene? We are not getting married for 2 years but want to have engagement pictures this spring thanks I left my email

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