Saturday, November 14, 2009

God Knows When I don't

Now I have 4 sites and am thinking I'm in over my head. It might be time to downsize. I don't even visit facebook anymore as I'm so busy with blogs. There seem to be 2 things that have the opposite affect on me. 1. Is whenever I try to "diet" I gain a few pounds. 2. Whenever I attempt to make life more simple, I create more complications.
Every time I finally become satisfied with my website, I see some really awesome design above and beyond my knowledge to create and I think, "I'll never get off the computer". I really enjoy meeting real people in person. I love being in my real life.

Spending more time alone with God is the only way that I ever get real peace in my heart and yet I deny that wonderful time with scurrying to and fro with all these "things".

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Thanks to a very cool out of the box kinda guy, Gary Klein who made it all happen!!!!! Yeah Gary
Also Dr. V. Bose my surface hippy friend in Chennai, India many many thanks.

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