Saturday, February 21, 2009

Guess this hot Destination Wedding Spot? & Win a Free Print

One of the hottest up and coming destination wedding locations in the world
(hint in comments)


Anonymous said...

Idk, Jamaica?

vsm/whirling dirvish photography said...

Oh man, no idea.

Is Google Earth cheating?

Sherrlyn Borkgren Photography said...

umm should I tell?
not Jamaica but the right part of the world. Definitely Caribbean

Lipstick on His Collar said...

I guess it to be Aruba because lots of brides and grooms get married there!

Barefoot Wedding ONE said...

That turquoise water is so Caribbean could it be Bahamas?
where did my picture go.

Sherrlyn Borkgren Photography said...

It is an island in the Caribbean, called Curacao. Officially it is Curacao Netherlands Antilles. It was taken over by the Dutch in the 1600's. The indigenous were the Arawaks who lived in caves along the coastline. Today the underwater caves are a scuba diver's paradise. The southern side of the coast is where sea sports and several beaches bays and lagoons are to be found. Dutch is the official language but most people speak English, Portugese and Spanish.

Kathryn said...

Hi Sherrlyn,

I'm not sure why your emails were bouncing back, but I'd be happy to mention the giveaway in my Friday post.


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