Monday, March 21, 2011

Mulitmedia Slide Show on TAX DAY Evening!

OK so you get your taxes done and then what? Come on over and see this show that I'm putting together.There will be open questions and h'douves. Donations appreciated but no one will be turned away.


Erik Bishoff said...

My schedule is currently up-in-the-air for that weekend... working some things out presently... but I very much hope that I will be able to attend! Cheers! (and bravo)

Sherrlyn Visual Media Photography said...

The Photography workshop"Telling the Story" for April 16 is full but everyone is welcome to the previous evening slideshow multimedia photography presentation on April 15 at Oregon Arts Alliance.
What: Iraq to Congo
Where: Oregon Arts Alliance
881 Willamette St.
Cost: Sliding Scale $2- $10. You choose.

Anonymous said...

love this photo. do you plan on giving more photography workshops summer?

Sherrlyn Visual Media Photography said...

Yes! I am planning a photography workshop for the summer in Eugene Oregon. I'll post the details once we know where and the date of the workshop. thanks for asking and write if you want more information on photo workshops.

Michelle Song said...

extreme impressed by this photography talk and multimediashow. I would like to be on the list for the nect photography workshop in Oregon that u are giving. thanks

Michelle Song said...

very amazing talk and photography. I was on the waiting list for the photography workshop and want to make sure you have me on the photography list for your next photo workshop. Gary Fong had given me info about your workshop in Eugene.

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