Monday, January 3, 2011

Photographing Tip on Clothing

OK so you have got to ditch the logos, patterns and circles on those clothes. When photographing a person all those things on clothing distract. Instead ask your clients (or if you are the person in front of the camera) wear solid complimentary colors that go well with your skin type and hair. Or simplify with one pattern to break the rules


weddinggirl said...

love it

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

Hey!!! Not only a great tip, but a fantastic photo!!! Gonna post it right now with a link to you!

I have been so pre occupied with stuff recently!

Missing so much! Hope all is well!

Sherrlyn Visual Media Photography said...

Yes, someone needed to be there when Rich came up with this outfit. He had been talking about these cool pants but I was surprised when I saw that they were too tight. Shirley though she is a woman of style!

Sherrlyn Visual Media Photography said...

my wedding site is at

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