Sunday, December 20, 2009

NEW YEAR'S EVE WEDDING A Destination Wedding Valley River Inn

Julian and Sarah's Engagement pictures! Their vintage wedding (private) will be Valley River Inn with Satin Love Lace playing on the ground floor. I'll post some more when it's not so late at night. All these photos were taken in Eugene and shot in B&W then toned. Their very cute dog is going to be the ring bearer for their wedding ceremony. There will be pictures posted here.





lipstickonhiscollar said...

Beautiful engagement pictures. I love the black and white vintage look.

bridechic said...

Happy holidays!

The Muse said...

your talent is astounding...i can hardly imagine the greatness that awaits you this new year!

The Muse said...

The Muse
~Butterfly Kisses~
Wherever you safe.

Anonymous said...

Hey I just saw the New year's wedding pictures on facebook! Awesome. Can't wait to see the rest. I love the couple at the piano and the dog is like a person! what a character

Anonymous said...

I saw your Congo pictures on CNN

Your photographs are amazing, breath taking and most definitely I received a story from them all. They reached into my heart, and made me rethink everything about my life and the entire world. I see the world in a different light now.

Thanks for the photos and keep up the fantastic work!!!

Suzanne said...

I love these black and white photos -- each one has such a special feeling to it! You can really tell that these 2 are so in love!

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