Monday, April 13, 2009


Myself with the help of two other photographers -
Scott A. Nelson Photographer of Newport Beach have narrowed the contest for a free day of wedding photography down to 3 people. The response has been gigantic.
So many great stories from so many wonderful brides and grooms. It has been really hard to choose. The top 3 brides have been notified and we'll make the final decision as soon as possible.


LoveMatters said...

I saw on facebook that your computer is detained at LA airport. I hope you get it back so we see more pictures. I've been quietly (secretly) following your blog for a long time and LOVE it. thanks

carolyn said...

This one is captured just about spot on in the timing

So much delicate feeling embedded in this image

Chris said...

Have a great weekend!

Gabe Photographer said...

LOVE all these pictures really some of the best are right here. I'm a photographer too and I learn a lot looking on your pages.
Thank you for sharing.Gabe

Deb Thaxton said...

-->Wow, that's very generous of you. I'm sure the pictures will be wonderful too.

Keonte' said...

I was going to asks about the winner. Glad to see you had such a positive response.

I know whomever wins will be truly blessed. Hope you run it again next year so I can enter.

Good Luck!

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