Thursday, July 10, 2008

These Ain't Your Mama's Pregnancy Pictures!

Torry and Auda were a blast to work with. It was pretty cold but Audra pregnant as a cow and all stayed the course and we were able to get some fun and creative pictures.
These two are going to have an amazing baby "boy" and raise him in Texas! Torry is just out of the National Guard- you can tell by the haircut and Audra is delighted to have him back in time for the baby's birth. Anthony if it is a boy and if it is a girl the options are wide! Wooohooo!!!!!!!!! Leave a note for Torry & Auda!!!!!!!!!


mcdonald said...

OK I thunk I saw every style you photograph then I see these. LOVE that softy one with the tree so sharp. cool contrast

Audra said...

YAY!!! Those are awesome!! I can't wait to see the rest, and wow I am HUGE!!!

carol van martin said...

Really really different and very cool. wish i was pregnant so I could have you photograph me!!!!!

lovegurl said...


brittany said...


stephanie&johnny said...

OK when I get pregnant in 3 years from now I hope you will photograph us!!!!!! These are cool different.

Refelena said...

This are some of the most unique and beauty preagnancy pictures I have ever ever seen. she is a very good model and of course you are with excellent eyes. this is so much better then the regular boring ones I see over and over.

Sherrlyn said...

Refelena everyone loves your name!

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