Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Barack Obama Tonight Pictures

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Anonymous said...

He sure has some purrty teeth!


spiderman said...

WOW looks like he's your best friend.

jacktheuh said...

will we get to use his dentist if he gets "the power". I need a dentist too. Power to Obama!

Racer2 said...

man your work is really diversified. is there anything you cna't shoot?
I saw your prefontaine pictures too. COOL
Hey Obama!

Anonymous said...

isn't he cute!

freedomringer said...

he is cute but will he win? is hillary coming to town? do you think anyone will remember us once they win? I don't

John T said...

Really brings across a feeling of who He is! Thanks for this original pictures

jonesinjun said...

wow what a feeling.

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