Monday, February 25, 2008

Ralph Nader

I love Ralph Nader and we have even had our picture taken together. I would post it but ahhh my hair was kinda a big mess. But as much as I adore Ralph Nader I'd really like to see one of my favs win and I'm concerned Ralph (are you reading Ralph?) will pull those votes away once again. It's only because Ralph is so intelligent and he really does have excellent ideas.
We need a change in our country. Yep I think we need free health care for all animals. The price of the vet is just out of this world.

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TwoRocks said...

I agree that Ralph Nader has some good ideas, but Barrack Obama needs to win in 2008. Then I might even be tempted to return to the U.S. which I "fled" in 2007 when I could no longer stand the "Am-Bush" of 2000.

But on to lighter things... lookie here, Sherryl:

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